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Chiwawas (SOLD!)

Born: 2012 Sexe: 2 boys 2 girls

Gorgeous little Chiwawa puppy’s for sale, 6 weeks old now and sooooo sweet!!!

My daughter Jaidy loves them all but they have to go because it will be very crowdy when they stay!!

So if you like to have one of these beautiful puppy’s let me know as I am searching for a good home!!!!

And SPECIAL OFFER!!!! When you buy a horse now from our stables you will get a chiwawa for FREE!!! Ofcourse only if you want one of these lovely puppy’s!!!

Jaidy named them all but ofcourse you are free to change it. Look at the pictures and FALL IN LOVE!!!

Also we have a new nest of Jack Russels , just born The last photo is one of the 6 puppy’s.

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